600+ Preconfigured Business Processes for Equipment Dealers

Are you afraid of an integrated system project, because you are not sure what you will get in the end?

In NAXT you get over 600 equipment dealership specific business processes in a preconfigured environment – on day one of the project!

The fact that we have 600+ processes documented and preconfigured in our system should greatly reduce the risk of a project, because we don't start with the whiteboard, and ask the customer to define their future processes, but we present then a kind of industry practice. It is a lot easier to formulate an opinion or relate to a complex thing which is visible and explained, then something just imagined for the future. Once this is understood by the C level management, they will understand that this lowers the project risk.


Pre-Configured System
XAPT delivers a preconfigured environment. Your personnel begin training using your new software from day one
Security Roles & Responsibilities
SEAL provides equipment dealers with a core set of security roles and responsibilities that identify which roles are responsible for each task within each business process
Feature Test Scripts
Feature Test Scripts (FTS) breakdown each business process into specific business functions. The FTS Library covers all of the standard Equipment dealer business processes
Standardized Training Manuals
Standardized training manuals are provided as a baseline for training all team members. These manuals are standardized for the heavy equipment industry
Project Management Tools
Project Management is critical when implementing a new Dealer Management Solution. To aid in this process we have created a number of tools
Data Migration Templates
Over 21 data migration templates are provided to equipment dealers as a tool to use to assist with data migration process


Solution to Enhance and Accelerate the Implementation Lifecycle

XAPT’s SEAL implementation toolkit for equipment dealers delivers a rapid deployment of NAXT – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Equipment Dealers. Dealers can be up and running in a matter of months not years. Utilizing SEAL, your dealership will achieve success quickly and gain from industry leading best practices. SEAL provides the foundation for all aspects of the implementation from Project Kick-Off to Go-Live.

  • Greater than 98% common code for all dealers
  • True business transformation
  • Fast implementations
  • Mitigation of business & technical risks
  • Efficient and effective project management
  • Quicker user adoption of the software Faster return on investment (ROI)

Proven Methodology for Rapid Deployment of NAXT

Reduce risk, lower costs and go-live with confidence using SELA (Solution to Enhance and Accelerate the Implementation Lifecycle).